Empowering Future Generations
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Merritt Counseling Services, Inc. offers a wide variety of psychological and mental health services. Our treatment programs focus on empowering children, adolescents and adults to live more positive and meaningful lives. Part of our philosophy is the belief that all people are capable of change when guided by caring and dedicated professionals. We help people use problem solving and decision making skills to help empower them to make healthier decisions and develop a plan of action for resolving their issues and starting a process of personal growth and self discovery. Each client works actively with their counselor to establish the goals of their treatment to help them achieve healthier and happier relationships and life style.
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Empowering Future Generations
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“I hope, within my lifetime, to be able to evaluate and diagnose wellness and prescribe treatment services to help people achieve their highest potential. Hopefully, there will be a day in the future where all children can benefit from the counseling services that they need. Our staff works hard to help children, adolescents and adults become happy, healthy, well adjusted, growing, learning and maturing to take on their responsibilities, so they can receive a good education, a job and begin contributing back to our society. Hopefully, they will have a family and socialize their children into our society successfully."

~Scott Merritt, MA / owner
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